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The Way to Good Health

by JAH

What the world needs now is NOT more doctors; hospitals and drugs.
The world NEEDS less sick-people.



Have YOU ever wondered why people become sick? Is it just chance or is it something they have done that causes the sickness? Why does it not happen the same to everyone? How do you prevent sickness, or heal yourself, if you are sick already?

You will NOT find the answers to these questions in heathen temples, full of false gods - HOSPITALS, or in small shrines that house one false god - a G.P.'s surgery.

There is only ONE place to find the answer and cure. I say answer and cure in the singular because there is only ONE for ALL and ALL for ONE.

What I am going to tell you next will probably sound simplistic but then the simple things of Life are always the best.

The cure for EVERY sickness is in the Bible and the best translation is the new
"King of kings' Bible", Authorised by God to replace the previous earthly-king's Authorised Version, which is known as The king James Bible (KJV). Before you dismiss that statement of FACT and WRONGLY think that the Bible is about churches and Organised-Religions, you should know that the Bible itself CONDEMNS churches; priests and Religions.




You wouldn't be if you had read it properly, YOURSELF. Just bear with me and give me the "benefit of the doubt" and read on, with an open mind. What have you got to lose?


Only your health and life, if you don't.


The Ruler of the Universe and "healer of ALL ills" (Sura 26:80-81) has told YOU, in His Word, that sickness and death came into the world through sin. That means, in plain language, ignoring His Advice and listening to Satan's advice (the serpent in the "Garden of Eden") and following his advice instead of God's.


Simple enough!


So, because sickness and death came into the world (the Adamic Race) with sin, then the obvious and logical way to remove sickness and death from the Adamic Race (you) is by removing the sin and then the sickness will go with it.


It IS that SIMPLE!

Simple it IS! Easy it is NOT!


Why? You have become so accustomed to living with sin and following Satan and his scientist's; politician's; economist's; priest's; doctor's and lawyer's advice that it has become "second-nature" and a very hard habit to break. Ever tried to stop smoking; drinking; eating too much or other bad-habits? Doing any or all of those is easy compared to keeping the COMMANDments, and "Breaking the COMMANDments seriously damages YOUR health."

God gave you good advice and you CHOSE to ignore it, and, just as He told you you would become sick and die, if you listened to Satan - you have been doing for 6000 years. Isn't it time you stopped?

God told you the TRUTH as John 1 v 1 tells you. "In the beginning was the Word (TRUTH) with God" (not with Satan). The TRUTH (Word) was with God NOT with Satan the Devil (devil means LIAR) or his followers who eat from his tree of "so-called" knowledge, which is NOT knowledge (science means knowledge) but LIES (falsely so called as Paul puts it in 1 Timothy 6 v 20):- scientists; politicians; economists; priests; doctors; and lawyers etc.; etc., who have ALL been deceived into thinking that they know how to put things right. You only have to open your eyes (ye blind) and "SEE", from the state of the world and your lives and the history of the last 6000 years, that they do not have a clue or know anything, of any value.

The TRUTH is the only thing of value and God says so (treasure - Matt. 13 v 44). You would do well to seek it and buy it (Matt. 6 v 19-21 & 13 v 43-46)(Exodus 19 v 5) and the health and well-being that it gives you.

The Ruler of the Universe gave you The Way to return, to Him and His Ways and Advice, through His Rule Book - the Bible, which is divided into 2
Covenants (contracts) or Testaments.

Like any contract it has clauses specifying what each party to the Covenant must do in order to reap the benefit. If you break it, it also specifies the penalty or punishment you receive.

The word
British, from whom the English speaking peoples of the world have sprung, means "The People of the Covenant", in Hebrew (the language of the Old Covenant / Testament).

So if you are reading this Booklet, in English, it applies to YOU and means that you come under The Covenant and its
blessings for keeping it and punishment (curses) for breaking it.

Perhaps you ought to read the
contract that you signed with God and what is expected of YOU and what blessings YOU receive by keeping it and what happens when you don't.

God has told you in The Covenant, written in His TORAH / Pentateuch (The First 5 Books of His Bible i.e. The Books of Moses - Genesis; Exodus; Leviticus; Numbers and Deuteronomy), that when you keep His Ways and Laws etc., all of them. He will take away all sickness from amongst you, including infertility (Exodus 23 v 25-26).

He has also told you that if you do not keep His Ways He will bring more and more sickness upon you and you will not be healed, unless you return to Him and keep your word in truth and Live by His Ways and Rules (2 Chronicles 6 v 28-31; Isaiah 1 v 6)(Sura 26:80).

He also said He would make your live-stock sick:- mad-cow disease; scrapies; foot and mouth disease; anthrax etc. (Exodus 23 v 26 & Deuteronomy 7 v 13-14; 28 v 18).

Of course Satan's scientists then come along and demand incredible wages to cure these diseases and fill you; the earth and water (fertilizers) and your animals full of chemicals (and drugs) which make things worse, creating even more and stronger diseases for you to pay them even more money to cure. Job security for them and more and stronger sicknesses for you. All because you do not listen to God and take His Advice.

Then, once you can't afford the treatment, the politicians invent a national health system to make you even more sick and empty your pockets, to fill theirs and those of their friends.

Eventually, you all end up sick and poor with no-one well enough to work to earn the money to pay for the system, and the country goes broke.


So what IS the remedy?


The Word made flesh (John 1 v 14) has told you "Keep The COMMANDments" - all 12 of them (Matt. 19 v 17; John 14 v 15) and do God's Will.

What is His Will? That you keep the Old and New Covenants which are collectively called the
"New Song" (Rev./Apoc. 5:9; 14:3 and 15:3) and include His COMMANDments; Laws; Statutes; Judgements; Economic Policy; Agricultural Policy and Diet (Deuteronomy 15 v 4 see margin note || ) "to the end that there be no POOR and no SICK (Exodus 23 v 25) amongst you" (Matt. 4 v 23).


Selfishness; injustice and poverty make people sick.

Don't they?


If YOU want to be healthy; wealthy and wise, take God's Advice and NOT Satan's and that of his "blind" and "deaf" followers.


Crucify "Self" DAILY.


God has said, in Malachi ch. 4 (last page of the Old Covenant / Testament), that ELIJAH - "The Sun of Righteousness" (The Light of the world) shall arise with HEALING in His Wings, just before the Last-Day (Sura 43:61), to warn YOU to turn from your false gods (scientists; politicians; economists; priests; doctors; lawyers; etc.; etc. and mammon / materialism / money) and back to your fathers (ancestors) and The COVENANTS that they made with God, binding upon their children (YOU) for EVER or the Ruler of the Universe will smite the earth with a curse and burn you ALL up.

You really ought to want to know more about how to live a healthy life and how to SURVIVE. If so, read
"The Way home or face The Fire" and the Bible YOURSELF; learn the "New Song" (please see my Book:- "Let the Inhabitants of The Rock sing the New Song") and keep His COVENANTS.

Search out and read about
"the Signs of the Times" and/or read my other Booklets and you will then know that the Last-Day is now IMMINENT.


You have NO time to waste.


To help you further, I will give you a few more references to look-up, just so you can make sure, and then go on to read the "King of kings' Bible", which includes the Koran, for yourself:-

Exodus 15 v 26 & 23 v 25-26; Leviticus 26 v 14-17; Deuteronomy 7 v 11-15 & 28 v 15-48 & 32 v 39; Isaiah 1 v 6; Job 5 v 18; 2 Chronicles 6 v 28-31; Matthew 4 v 23 & 19 v 17; Koran sura 26:80.




1. YOU shall love, honour, cherish and obey the Lord your God (love, good and truth) with ALL your heart, with ALL your mind, with all your soul and with all your strength and Him ONLY shall you serve and OBEY, forsaking ALL others.

2. YOU shall NOT create an image or likeness of ANYTHING that is IN HEAVEN, or on earth, or under the sea and YOU shall NOT worship or BUY such things. YOU shall NOT bow down to them or serve them for I the "I AM" your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate (or disobey) Me; and showing mercy unto thousands of them that love (and obey) Me, and KEEP My COMMANDMENTS.

3. Honour your Father in Heaven and KEEP His COMMANDMENTS; LAWS; Statutes; Judgements; Economic Policy; Agricultural Policy and Diet that He gave to YOU and your Mother, the British Nation Israel, His wife (metaphorically), at Mt. Sinai and make Him proud of YOU.

4. YOU shall NOT commit adultery, either physically, individually, or spiritually, nationally or individually but shall be FAITHFUL to God, your word and your spouse, also NOT committing adultery nationally by following the wrong examples of other nations.

5. YOU shall NOT use the Lord's name, unless you are speaking to Him, or about Him, then you will not waste His time or insult Him.

6. Love your neighbour (not physically) as much as, or more than, you love your "Self". Then you will not do wrong, or lie, to anyone - John 15 v 13.
Do NOT desire eagerly, or touch, anything that does not belong to you. It belongs to your neighbour, not you, and YOU must respect HIS property. Your neighbour is the person next to you and the person on the far side of the planet and everyone in between.

7. YOU shall NOT lie, even to your "Self".

8. Remember the Sabbath and KEEP it Holy. It is NOT wrong to do GOOD deeds on the Sabbath. The Sabbath was made for man. Man was not made for the Sabbath.

9. YOU shall NOT steal. Neither shall you make up your own laws to enable you to do so by deceiving people.

10. YOU shall NOT murder - kill illegally.

11. YOU shall love one another as much as I love you and in the same way - spiritually not physically - John 15 v 13. IF you DO this, ALL men will KNOW that you ARE my disciples and are exercising and learning "Self" discipline - Discipleship.

12. Judge no-one, so that you will not be judged, by God, for by whatever judgement you judge another, unjustly, you condemn yourself to the same punishment. Judging is God's job exclusively, as He is always unbiased, impartial, uncorruptible and just. He has given His judgements, in His Law Books given to you at Mt. Sinai, by which He judges those who break His Laws. There are NO other laws on this planet that are LEGAL. God has strictly FORBIDDEN man from making up laws (Deuteronomy 4:2). God's Laws are the same for everyone. God does NOT have separate Laws - one for the rich and another one for the poor.


Breaking The 12 (10+2) COMMANDments
SERIOUSLY damages YOUR health

Copyright © 1995 - JAH - all rights reserved

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