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Have YOU ever wondered why people become sick? Is it just chance or is it something they have done that causes the sickness? Why does it not happen the same to everyone? How do you prevent sickness, or heal yourself, if you are sick already?
You will NOT find the answers to these questions in heathen temples, full of false gods - HOSPITALS, or in small shrines that house one false god - a G.P.'s surgery. . .
Marriage Guidance
Discover how and why the human Marriage Laws given to Moses; that are the ONLY way to make a marriage work and last for ever; are Symbolic of and Spiritually identical to the Marriage Relationship between God, The Father and His Wife (metaphorically) Israel. Find a deeper meaning why The Son, Christ Jesus, had to be Sacrificed, to pave The Way for sinning man-kind to return to the right relationship with God and learn about The only Way for us, His children; from all nations of the world; to be re-united with The Bridegroom and earn our place with Him in The New Jerusalem and New Age of True Peace on Earth, in this extraordinary insight into Divine Wisdom and Love.
The Astral Plain

(Para-Dice [latin] - for being told).

. . . We could see that it was a middle-aged man; he looked around wildly, then saw the group of souls and began to relax.
To my surprise, when I focused closely on him, I could pick up on what he was feeling and thinking. I glanced at Wil, who nodded that he was also sensing the person's reaction.
I focused again and observed that, in spite of a certain detachment and sense of love and support, he was in a state of shock at having discovered his body had died...
Christ and
the Gnostic Beliefs.
. . . I watched as one person came into the Earth dimension remembering all of His birth vision.
He knew He was here to bring a new awareness into the world, a new culture based on Love not on emotion. His message was this: The One God is a Holy Spirit, a Divine Energy, Whose existence could be felt and proven experientially. . .
The Terms Buddha & Christ - Explained.
Buddha is NOT a name, it is a descriptive title and means "The Awakened; Anointed or Enlightened One", which is exactly the same meaning as the word "Messiah" has in Hebrew - "Christos" in Greek - "Christ" in English, which are also NOT names but are, like the word Buddha, descriptive titles, as is the word Jesus, which simply means Saviour...

in 'The Tenth Insight'

by James Redfield

. . . We should visualise sick people remembering what they intended (or were intended) to do with their lives, (in their present re-incarnation* - as Jesus taught his disciples about re-incarnation) but still hadn't done.
Real healing springs from a renewed sense of what one wants (or was meant) to do once health is regained and when they start to do it their health will automatically improve. . .
The First Principle of God's Government - Theocracy
Jesus said, "I am The Way, the Truth and the Life" and "no man comes to the Father except by me." How does that relate to the Song of Moses (the Mosaic Law in The Covenant)? The Covenant is called "The Way" in The Torah and Jesus was saying that he was a living demonstration of it (The Way) in action, demonstrating how YOU have to be if YOU want to survive and go home to Father...
The True Meaning of Resurrection
The first death is the death of "Self" referred to by Paul when he said it is given to man once to die (to "Self") and then the judgement and Christ said that over such as have died the first death (the completion of daily "Self"-crucifixion) the second death (The Fire) has no power. 

When the "Self" is dead the Being; having been reborn (John 3) and having then crucified daily the human "Self"; is resurrected from being under the "Death-Sentence" for insurrection and treason and puts on immortality and Eternal Life again.

Paul said,
"It is NOT I That Lives"
It is not "I" that lives but Christ lives in me. It is not "Self" that lives but "Christ" lives in me. It is not "Self" that lives but "The Anointed One" (the One whose head/mind is anointed with the "Oil of Understanding" - the oil that lubricates the "seized-up" mind and gets it working again, understanding the TRUTH or WORD of God...
Ask and it Shall Be Given You;
Seek and You Shall Find.
. . . If you believe that Good should conquer Evil you are not an atheist in the true definition of the word. You don't have to go to church at all to be religious, in fact, the true definition of the word religion is 'bonded obligation' and that obligation is to God (The Ruler of The Universe) and His Commandments, Laws, Statutes, Judgments, Economic Policy etc. contained in The Torah, which is the name given to the five books of Moses. . .


THE TWELVE COMMANDMENTS. Ten of which were given to Moses on Mount Sinai (Exodus 20 v 1-17) and the eleventh and twelfth which were given later on by Jesus, one of which God demonstrated and still demonstrates i.e. "love your enemies into being good."
The Different Effects of

Nature and Grace

(human) + (Being)

THE VOICE OF THE LORD: My son, you must carefully observe the effects of nature and of grace, because they operate very differently, and the subtle distinction between them can only be marked by an enlightened man.
What would Christ do if He could see? What would He, who rode on a donkey, think about the luxurious car, with the ornate throne as a seat? What would He say, if He saw the portfolio of the Vatican (stock-market) shares? What would He do if He saw all the treasures of the Vatican, treasures which could be used to alleviate ignorance by improving education? What would be His reaction to the comfortable lives of the members of the Curia? If Christ suddenly appeared in the middle of St. Peter's Square and said: "Leave your riches and follow me," I wonder how many would...
The Truth about
James Redfield
and the
Celestine "Synchronicity" Experience.
Millions of people have benefited from reading the "Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield and have found a new awareness of synchronicity and spiritual energy, for which he is to be warmly thanked, but James Redfield, in his new book the "Celestine Vision", has, like all gurus, revealed his clay feet.
Isaac Newton
Isaac Newton was the first modern scientist; he worked out the mechanics of the solar system and discovered the force of gravity. He was certain, too, that there was a hidden code in The Bible that would reveal the future. He learned Hebrew, and spent half his life trying to find it.
Adaptation from
The "Desiderata" of Life.
Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrendering your principles, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story...
The following is a collection of readings taken from The Book of Daily Instruction known as YODA - Jedi Master*, which consists of the Divinely Inspired Daily Messages and Teaching from Our Lord, in "God Calling" and "God at Eventide", about how to use The Force of Divine Power, that were written down by 'Two Listeners', who opted to remain anonymous.

* YODA (YO/DA - YOur DAily)
JEDI (JE/DI - JEsus DIsciple)
Master / Teacher -

Your Daily Jesus disciple Teacher.


- Rudyard Kipling

IF you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
IF you can trust yourself when all men doubt you
But make allowance for their doubting too;
The Pilgrim's Progress

(or digress, as the case may be)

from this World to that which is to Come.

Under the Similitude of a Dream

detailing the many, many mistakes made by Christians until they become not Christians (Infidels) but Faithful (Fidel) to God.

Wherein is discovered
the manner of his setting out, his dangerous journey
and safe arrival at the Desired Country.

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True Prayer.
When we pray in the correct way, we are not asking God to do something, God is inspiring us to act in His place to enact His Will on Earth. We are intended to be the emissaries of the Divine on this planet.
True prayer is the method, the visualization, that God expects us to use in discerning His Will and implementing it in the physical dimension twenty-four hours every day. His Kingdom come, His Will be done, on Earth, as it is in Heaven. Amen.
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