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Was Diana's Extremely Convenient Death an Accident?

Princess Diana said in her BBC TV interview that she was a problem for the British royal family because she was a rebel and REFUSED to go quietly. She went "with a bang" (in fact a crash; bang; wallop).

Originally written 11/Dec/1998, updated 14/Feb/2023.

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 The King of kings' Bible
The King of kings' Bible has been updated.

 The Lia Fail - Bethel - Stone of Destiny - Jacob's Pillar.
Jimmy Higgins confirms that the Stone in Edinburg Castle, upon which Elizabeth was crowned, is not the real Stone of Destiny/Coronation Stone, that he personally had handled and was kept at the Rollo factory in Bonnybridge.

The Way home or face The Fire
The Way home or face The Fire has been updated.

There is an added explanation at the end of chapter 4 about Adam and Eve.

or http://thewayhomeorfacethefire.info

Was Diana's Extremely Convenient Death an Accident?

Princess Diana said in her BBC TV interview that she was a problem for the British royal family because she was a rebel and REFUSED to go quietly. She went "with a bang" (in fact a crash; bang; wallop).

Originally written 11/Dec/1998, updated 7/Sept/2013.

Postal address change
The current postal address from now on is:

JAH, JAH Publications, P. O. Box 561, The Way Home - PMB 205, Gibraltar, (Via London).

NOTE: Please use sturdy/secure envelopes, but NOT padded envelopes as they get stopped by customs.

As of April 2012, The King of kings' Bible is now available in a printed-edition (second edition). Please 'click here' for details.

Free King of kings' Bible online
Because of the dire situation in the world, with the objective of ending all conflict and establishing World Peace and God's Kingdom on Earth, The King of kings' Bible has been made available for free online reading, by The King of kings. Please visit this link to see more.

If you want to see, enter and benefit from God's Kingdom on Earth, then study and live what it says, and support The King of kings.

A Call to Action
The help that we seek just now involves talking to people and generating a tidal-wave of support, large enough to wash-away the obstacle preventing the recovery of The Ark of The Covenant from The Hill of Tara.

The obstacle in question is obtaining a "license to dig" from the Irish Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, who is called Heather Humphreys, who has the authority to be able to grant me the license, without which I cannot dig a small area of flat grass, measuring 2m x 2m, at Tara.

(updated 21/06/2011)

Lawful argument against jurisdiction & sovereignty
The person who purports to be the queen has never, in fact, rightfully or Lawfully been crowned as the Sovereign. This knowledge stems from the fact that the Coronation Stone / The Stone of Destiny / Bethel / Jacob's Pillar that Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Battenberg was crowned upon is a fake.

(updated 06/04/2011)

 Titles purposely designed to deceive.
Have you ever taken the time to analyse just how many things in life are designed to deceive us and how many things we have been taught, that just aren't so?

 The Lia Fail - Bethel - Stone of Destiny - Jacob's Pillar.
Exclusive article on Scottish Sunday Mail newspaper reveals the stone believed by many to be the real article is fake.

The proof that this cairn is the tomb of Jeremiah The Bible Prophet who was commissioned by God to bring Teia Tephi, the daughter of Zedekiah, the king of Jerusalem; The Lia Fail (Stone of Destiny) and The Ark of The Covenant to Ireland; after the fall of Jerusalem in the sixth century B.C., is "written in stone" in hieroglyphics, on the stones within the cairn itself. . .

 The Lia Fail - Bethel - Stone of Destiny - Jacob's Pillar.
Follow the history of The Lia Fail / Stone of Destiny, right from its early beginnings in Bethel as "Jacob's Pillar", through the bumpy history of the kings of Israel, right up to recent times in the Brit-ish Isles. Learn how The Stone is fast approaching its final Destiny, and how That Destiny will affect you, in this complete history of God's Throne on Earth. . .

(this article occupies approx. 24 A4 pages of printed text)
(last updated 02/03/2009)

Movies now offered as DVDs:-

by JAH

* Learn The Way of The Force 2 DVD set
* The Silent Flute+Little Buddha Lesson
* X-files Biogenesis & Sixth Extinction
* Close Encounters of the Gibraltar Kind
* The Truth about The Stone of Destiny
* The Truth about The Ark of The Covenant

Now available to be bought, please click here for ordering instructions.

(updated 20/03/2006)

The Way home or face The Fire.

by JAH

The ONLY Survival Plan for all human+Beings.

Now available to be downloaded FREE as an e-book.

Note: This document is prepared in Adobe Acrobat Reader format. Please follow this link to download Acrobat Reader, if your computer doesn't already have it installed.

(last updated 29/03/2011)

Passover Lamb NOT Easter bunny.

by JAH

Easter comes from the word Ishtar, who was a Babylonian pagan fertility goddess of the Babylonian Mystery Religion of Sun-worship on Sundays; which is why it is celebrated with eggs, because eggs are a sign of fertility. Easter is a totally pagan festival that has absolutely nothing to do with Jesus; the Crucifixion, which was the Second-Passover; or serving God.

This documentary film gives detailed and indisputable proof of the deception; that has been perpetrated on the British peoples and the whole world, for 50 years; and the absolute proof that Elizabeth Mounbatten (also known by the aliases Windsor and QE2) has never really been crowned, and is not the rightful sovereign of England and the British peoples.


Download the free Armageddon Survival-Kit demo distribution diskette and help us tell the world...

Stonehenge; the Aubrey Circuit and The Sabbatical Law and Calendar.
The Stonehenge observatory, situated on the Salisbury Plains of Southern England, remains to most modern researchers, one of the foremost mysteries of British antiquity.  It is far too often hastily concluded by researchers, that we will never truly know what the site was constructed for; but this is a view, far too constrained by the thinking of those who seek to fit the Universe into their ability to comprehend it, rather than seek to expand their comprehension to be able to understand the Universe...

This movie proves that The Ark of The Covenant is neither in Aksum in Ethiopia, nor Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, and it reveals its true location.

It is compiled from JAH's research; which can be found throughout this site; and selected and corrected footage from "The Lost Ark" by Bruce Burgess.

Please "click here" to learn how you can help recover The Ark.

Discover the ONLY Way You Can Defeat the New World Order, Now.
Establishing The Kingdom of God on Earth can ONLY be accomplished by destroying all man-made laws and governments, and reinstating, and living as Israelites, under God's "Royal Laws of Liberty", with only God our Father as the only Supreme Ruler and Authority, and His duly appointed Christ as our Earthly King. So the immediate Goal is to destroy all man-made legislation.

In this e-book, you will find the specific Plan on how to achieve this goal and set yourself and the entire working-class free...

Email Group.
Strait_Truth - The training list for the 144K. Spiritually oriented and centered on the Father.

This email list is open only to "life and death" serious people who have already obtained and are studying the Survival Plan (The Way home or face The Fire), and are using the information in it, keenly striving to train to become a JEDI and to survive The Reaping. It is not for people with casual curiosity and/or seeking entertainment, or arguments.

The TRUTH about the British Monarchy;
the "Golden Jubilee" (50 year reign) of the queen who never was

and The GOSPEL of The Kingdom.

The word British is Hebrew and it means "Covenant Man" or the "People of The Covenant", as it does also in the Welsh language.
Elizabeth the Second, who has never officially been crowned, because she was crowned sitting upon a fake Stone of Destiny, is, like all of her predecessors, from the royal line of king David of Israel and the British Throne is the Throne of David that is to be inherited by Christ, during the Second-Coming, very soon according to Nostradamus. . .

If you were the extra-terrestrial Ruler and 'King of the Universe'; Who had sent information CRITICAL to the survival of human+Beings, over thousands of Earth years, in exact and minute detail, and the relatively primitive inhabitants of Planet Earth had turned parts of it into nonsensical, ritualistic religious "rites and ceremonies" so that no-one read and studied the actual information with an open-mind and without applying incorrect preconsceived ideas to it anymore; how would you reach those people who deserved to SURVIVE?

Chief Dan Evehema's
Message to
The Nine Signs


To the Hopi the Great Spirit is All-powerful. He appeared to the first people as a man and talked with them in the beginning of this creation world. He taught us how to live, to worship, where to go and what food to carry, gave us seeds to plant and harvest. He gave us a set of Sacred Stone Tablets into which He breathed all teachings in order to safeguard His land and life...


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